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Humanity at Best. An Act of Kindness is a Life in Progress. Be a Blessing.


Rescue Operations

Philippine Raptors intends to train and certify as many citizens to be first aiders in order to extend our force multipliers for an effective emergency response nationwide.

Recovery Service

Philippine Raptors ensure that basic life necessities are readily available such as food, water, clothing, electricity, and medicine during critical aftermaths while conducting medical missions.

Restoration Plans

Philippine Raptors intends to build sturdy shelters for displaced families and conduct the reintroduction of productive livelihood programs that will be beneficial to the financial capacity of the household and to the local economy.

    Women Empowerment

    Women are enveloped with natural love making them very passionate in every discipline they choose to achieve. We recognize the vital contribution of all Raptors Women, especially in the management and administration of many programs designed specifically to uplift the spirit of this special sector in our society.

    Youth Development

    Encouraging and nurturing the youth sector is a dynamic piece in our future as we are preparing them to lead our future. We ensure that every young people have a fair opportunity to enhance their skills in both academe and technical while preparing them to be effective responders.


    Alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable sector of our society through feeding programs and livelihood projects can make a huge impact on their lives.

    Training and Education

    Philippine Raptors conduct leadership seminars, motivational activities, basic to advanced life support training, and certification initiatives to ensure our members are able to react in any emergency situation.

    Health Services

    It is our greatest dream for Philippine Raptors to be able to build a true people’s hospital where medical services are free of charge in which every citizen can focus on preventive and restorative medications rather than slow death by emotional torture due to financial draining.


      Ensure our donors receive an audited report on the fund allocation of the donation entrusted to Philippine Raptors annually. Zero tolerance on graft and corruption practices.


      Armed Conflict, Natural Disasters, and Emergency Situations are the causes of many human sufferings. We need to equip and train every citizen to be ready to respond to these scenarios in order for us to preserve humanity.

      Branding and Tax Incentive

      Companies who support the cause of the Philippine Raptors are publicly announced through brand posting in all our activities, social media, and virtual footprints. Donations through corporate social responsibility are reported for taxation purposes.

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