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Today is the time to Help. Amat Victoria Coram. Victory likes careful preparation.

The Order of Philippine Raptors Incorporated was designed to be an effective humanitarian civic organization focusing on civil defense. Our country is the most vulnerable in the Asia-Pacific region both in armed conflict and natural disasters. Despite all of the challenges, the Filipino Nation is one of the best and strongest governments as well as economies in the world. The pride in Filipino blood is really something we can exalt internationally because no conflict or disaster can put us down. We are victorious because we are united, even in our differences, Filipinos always unite in tough times. This is why many world leaders respect our nation beyond politics.

The Board of Trustees convened in Sofitel, Pasay City, Philippines to discuss the services and projects of the Philippine Raptors to help our nation be more resilient and ready to respond anytime in RESCUE, RECOVERY & RESTORATION of order. It is unanimously approved that the organization will be led by the founding National Chairman Eng. Maximino “Mike” Camacho and National President Mr. Onasis Balt, effective March 8, 2023.