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Philippine Raptors Chairman Maximino “Mike” Camacho and Alalayan Agila Foundation Chairman, Eagle Juvinal Asis finally ink a special partnership between the prestigious organization in extending humanitarian, rescue, recovery, and restoration services for Filipinos worldwide. This new alliance expands the humanitarian services of the Fraternal Order of the Philippine Eagles through collaborative training in Basic to Advanced Life Support in preparation for any emergency and disaster-related missions in the country. The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement was attended by Alalayan Agila Chairman Eagle Juvinal Asis, Alalayan Agila Secretary William Aban, Raptors Chairman Mike Camacho, Raptors Academy President Joylan Nadal, and the members of the Board of Trustees Bro. JB Bautista, Sis. Fiolette Domingo, Sis. Ann Bacolod, Sis. May Oquila. Another historic milestone for the benefit of many Filipinos worldwide.