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By 2030, The Order of Philippine Raptors Incorporated is the leading civic organization in civil defense formation with the government strengthening armed conflict and disaster management through rapid rescue, recovery, and restoration activities protecting humanity and our country.

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The Order of Philippine Raptors Incorporated is dedicated to serving the country;

To be able to organize a number of substantial members in the country and abroad,

To be able to educate every citizen in the ideology of Nationalism to a Patriotic mindset,

To be able to protect the sovereign rights and the total well-being of every citizen,

To be able to participate in the national defense exercises of the armed forces, if required,

To be able to initiate rapid rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation activities.

To be able to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable sector of society.

To be able to preserve our beloved country and humanity.


Engr. Maximino “Mike” Camacho, Ph.D. is the founding National Chairman of the Order of Philippine Raptors Incorporated since March 8, 2023. Humbled by his enormous achievement in business, education, and philanthropy, Engr. Camacho was raised in a very poor family. He encouraged and motivated millions in the country with his literal story of zero to hero.

Raptors National Chairman holds a Doctorate in Philosophy, Master’s in Business Administration, and a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He spearheads the Camacho Group of Companies and leads many non-government organizations in the Philippines. He travels across the regions of our country organizing livelihood projects, feeding programs, and educational activities for the indigenous people.


Engr. Joylan Z. Nadal, Ph.D. is one of the most prolific safety advocates in the Philippines. He spent the majority of his career in educational and manufacturing corporations teaching safety standards that are internationally recognized keeping a comfortable environment.

As a young man in the province, he strived very hard to study electrical engineering and plans to work abroad after graduation. However, his calling came into being when he joined a non-government organization teaching him how to swim and was certified as a first aider. Responding to countless emergencies across the country allowed him to see the dire need for our country to have an awareness of disaster crisis management.

He dedicated his time and effort to getting certified as a trainer and facilitator in many disciplines and is now one of the most respected safety mentors in the Philippines.


Mr. Joe Bautista, Ph.D.
Chairman Emeritus

Ms. Fiolette Yanson-Domingo
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Ann Bacolod
Director, Operations

Ms. May Oquila
Director, Human Resources

Ms. Dovie Sejera
Director, Finance & Accounting

Ms. Aibee Alcomendas
Director, Administration